Institutional motivation

PICT can help departments, colleges, and centres at the University of Saskatchewan to meet strategic goals of internationalization. With its principles of equity and accessibility, this project is underpinned by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 4, to “ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.” PICT responds directly to the emphasis on collaboration and creativity in the Mission, Vision, and Values of the University of Saskatchewan. It aspires to the goals for this university at large as they are articulated in that document: to contribute to a sustainable future; prepare our students to be engaged global citizens in tomorrow’s world; serve the public good; connect and engage our local and global community; partner in reconciliation; and creatively embrace change. In the University of Saskatchewan’s Plan 2025, particular note is taken of the high place assigned to collaboration, not least in global partnerships. Upholding such partnerships within regular courses at various levels (including the first year) is also very much in the spirit of standards for accreditation in various professional programs around campus.