A basic assumption of this project is its minimal demand on resources. PICT is a local, initiatory way to take real steps toward international engagement in university (as well as corporate/professional) teaching and learning. It is often located in the existing scholarly connections between individual researchers who are seeking a way to bring those connections into the classroom through collaborative teaching.


The University of Saskatchewan’s Mission, Vision, and Values contain and inform the more practical focus of the following elements.


•  based on equal contribution and shared the responsibility of participating faculty: co-development of curriculum, materials, schedule, structure.
•  no additional infrastructure required.
•  arises from the interests of the participating instructors.
•  no transfer of credits or additional tuition required.
•  no additional costs: use of open access texts or copyrighted texts under the conditions of fair dealing; use free apps to communicate and collaborate.
•  participating institutions retain full control of their own academic programs, schedules, tuition, registration, assignment of duties, evaluation of students, and evaluation of teaching.
•  collaboration fits within existing institutional/departmental structures, principles, and values.
Freedom of enquiry
•  instructors able to design, implement course within the understanding of academic freedom.
Cross-Cultural Inquiry
•  leads to the development of cultural awareness; sharing of cultural context and culturally-situated understandings; increased the sense of intercultural competency.


Note — Participation in PICT depends on the collaborating instructors’ agreement to abide by these principles.