This section of English 114 at the University of Saskatchewan focuses on conversations around cultural oppositions and intersections. The works studied, which include nineteenth to twenty-first century fiction, non-fictional prose, poetry, song, and film, ask questions about and challenge how and why the social world is divided, internationally and within Canada, into categories such as rural-urban, immigrant-established, Indigenous-Settler Canadian, Francophone-Anglophone, wealthy-poor, older-younger. Through study of these works, students will have the opportunity to improve their analytical, reading, and writing skills.

Those skills will be applied and extended to a global environment: this course will be paired with a class led by Chirag Trevedi at Ahmedabad University in India. In a collaborative teaching and learning venture, he will be delivering a number of Skyped/FaceTimed lectures and discussions, just as I will be lecturing through visual interfaces to his class at Ahmedabad University. Our goal is to explore cultural oppositions and intersections in the literature associated with our two locations. With this in mind, part of your participation grade will be based upon your work with another student from a different location—cultural, geographical, institutional—so that we can explore what Reading Culture means in different places and spaces.

Students will draw on their own cultural experiences — popular as well as academic — to enhance their literary knowledge and their communication skills. They will learn how literary models, terms, and techniques both shape and help us to understand historical and contemporary cultural forms.

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