Instructor: Dr. Mona G Mehta


The course takes a unique approach to understanding World Civilizations, not as static historical snapshots of various ancient civilizations, but as an evolving reality that has only recently become possible in human history. Conventional history classes have taught us that there were many great civilizations in the past, such as the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Harrapan, Roman etc., each with their unique glorious achievements across time and space. Although these civilizations interacted with each other to various extents, they did not form an integrated World Civilization at any point. Today, for the first time, unprecedented inter-connectivity among the peoples of the world has made it possible for us to think of a World Civilization characterized by unparalleled cultural, economic and political exchanges at the global level. This course critically examines our contemporary World Civilization—its genesis, present, and future. What makes the study of world civilization exciting is that it is not confined by geographical boundaries but co-exists with diverse local cultures and other living civilizations as it continues to evolve in a dynamic fashion.

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